22 Days in Northern Greece- Roadtrip Route & favourite camping spots

If you fancy a roadtrip and are up for a vast diversity of landscapes and activities then Northern Greece is definitely a recommendation!

Where to go

We entered the country via ferry which we boarded in Venice and landed in Igoumenitsa (takes around 22h-26h), a city all the way at the Western-Northernd coast. In Greece we spend 22 days but on our way to Venice we made a stop in Southern Germany (Fürth) and on the way back as well (Town in Bavaria) I can only recommend the same if you live somewaht in the the the more Northern parts of Europe since the trip to Venice already takes its time.

Underneath you can see the route we took: We did NOT take the route down Italy 😀 We took the ferry, however Google was not cooperating at this point.

Where to camp

Since we had a tent on our car, we were flexible in terms of free camping and also in sleeping over at classical camping places. Please note: Offically free/wild camping is not allowed in Greece however on lots of spots it’s tolerated and widely done by people.

Here are the three camping places I can definitely recommend. They are all clean, have nice and friendly owners and have a good location.

Camping Elena beach

Location: Directly at the beach, close to the ferry port Igoumenitsa

My favourite aspects: Has a cozy little taverna with it, where the Grandma cooks delicious authentic food. It has direct beach access and is a great place to relax before and after your trip on the ferry

Camping Vrachos

Location: In the area of the Meteora monasteries, stay here if you want to explore this area

My favourite aspects: Is super spacious and they are super laid back, you can freely choose where you want to camp. The taverna is also super nice and affordable!

Camping Orpheus

Location: Close to mount Olympos (20 min car drive) and 5 min walk to the beach.

My favourite aspects: The location is great, you have the mountain and all its adventures (hiking, mountainbiking, canyonying) really close but still you can enjoy some beach life.

Did I miss any great camping places along the route? Let me know! 🙂

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