Fräulein Reiselust - who I am

I’m Fran, a very typical twenty-somtehing millenial (quarterlife crisis and all the shizzle included) and curious and eager to travel as much and far as possible! With this blog I’d like to update all my loved ones and those interested, in my adventures and thoughts about life happening far and near. I am new to the community of people travelling while working full-time. In autumn 2018 I found my first job and now it’s all about juggeling my love for travelling, horses and my dog. After a few years living and studying in the Netherlands I moved back to my home country Germany and now I am calling Hamburg home.

Why I travel

The infamous ‘Wanderlust’ hit me when I was sixteen and spending half a year in beautiful Cape Town. I lived in a host family, who is now almost nine years later like my second family. Since then I was hooked. I wanted to see all those places I only heard or read before and wanted to see them with my own eyes. Since I am little I was exposed to many different cultures: all my summers I spent in Greece with my greek grandma, in my family I grew up with different Au-pair girls who where from all over the world. I like having different cultures around me and going there to see how they live.

For now I mastered my first Solo-Trip to Buenos Aires, did project work for my University in Uganda, interrailed through Eastern Europe, roadtripped through Sweden and Greece, and of course visited my favourite city Cape Town several times again.

My other passion

If I am not away exploring far away countries or missioning around in Europe I am at the stables. Horseriding is my biggest passion next to travelling. To me horseriding is like coming home: wherever I am in the world, when I am on a horse I am home. Next to horses I love spending time with my little dog Niki, just like me she loves travelling!