An all girls holiday at Sardinia

I’m dreaming of Gelato! Ich träume von Gelato!

Two of my friends from my study program and me decided to book that cheap flight to the Italian island Sardinia! Soooo Palau it was, all the way up in the North at the “Costa Esmeralda”

It turned into a fabulous week full of BEACH|SLEEP|REPEAT, as we called it. I also discoverd the fact that I obviously never eaten proper ice cream before I went to Sardinia! I highly recommend the small gelateria in the town of Palau! And of course all the veggies taste so much nicer, I think you can really taste the sun in them 🙂

Nature sardinien collage

When we didn’t enjoy the Italian food we spend our days discovering the island:

  • We craddeld up the natural monument which they call the “Bear of Palau”, because it looks like that animal in stone (very windy!)
  • We realxed at the amazing beaches
  • We saw the (apparently) oldes olives tree in Europe (pretend to be Italian then you don’t have to pay the two Euros entrance fee :P)
  • We ended up in a villages’s festival, they celebrated the Saint of their church, we had to eat LOTS of food, drink lots of alcohol and got to dance with the locals!
  • Did a saling tour and felt like princesses 🙂

One of the couples we met there told us: “We travelled far in our lifes, but Sardinia is definitely one of the most beutiful places, it even beats the Maledives”

I haven’t been everywhere, but I can imagine that Sardinia is something special! See for yourself and let me know which place in Italy shouldn’t be missed! (:

 Our impressions of Sardinia