Camping Cuisine- What to cook outdoors

 Quick and easy dishes for camping trips

First things first: No I don’t want to become a food blogger 😀

After two long car camping and free camping trips (Sweden & Greece) I’d like to share what we cooked and ate especially when you don’t have shops closeby where you can quickly grab some ingredients and water. Because yes some of things I would have love to know prior to the trip 😀 The recipes I am going to share are all vegetarian or vegan. Please note: Those are recipes for people who camp with their car,since they can bring along more stuff than hikers,riders, cyclists etc.


Camping stove

To be able to cook while camping you will need an outdoor/camping stove, all of those are powered with those little gas bottles: make sure to take enough for the duration of your trip, or research beforehand if in your travel destination they have them available for a decent price. ( Note: we used up 4 bottles for 5 weeks, and cooked almost every day at least once a day)


I can’t emphasise this enough! Keep in mind when free camping and there is no source of safe fresh sweet water: take enough bottles of sweet water! You will need quite an amount for cooking, drinking and then also for washing yourself. Calculate around 3-4 litres per person for drinking, cooking, washing your face and brushing your teeth.

Box for “dry” foods

Store your dry ingredients in a box, do yourself a favour and order them in a way that is logical to you 😀

Cooler box

Get one which you can charge while driving in the car. Store some drinks and vegetables in it, although you should use them up as quick as possible.


  • Take products that are canned or tinned and that last long (also in heat!)  Canned beans, tomatoes, coconut milk, and fruits are a solid foundation
  • Bring your favourite herbs (you will hate forgetting them and having a taste-less dish of pasta)
  • Pasta is your friend- bring along couscous, rice and red lentils for a change
  • If you eat eggs- an ingredient with 1000 possibilities to cook
  • Instant pancake dough is much better than expected and super idiotproof to store & cook
  • Always bring some nice wine- good to share with the new friends you make while camping
  • Jam, and choclate spread can be used for your pancakes, rolls, breads and waffles- so go pack those ones
  • Cereal can be eaten with any long-lasting milk of your choice
  • Pack long-lasting milk and cream
  • Pack your olive oil in a small bottle


Instant pancakes

You can buy those pre-mixed bottles in any supermarket, I was sceptical in the beginning since I am always in favour of cooking fresh but I have to say: It was yummy! Having fresh pancakes with yam and choclate spread at a lonely beach definitely was a great start into the day! Simply follow the instructions and top with the spreads, cinnamon and sugar or fresh fuits when available.

You need: Instant pancakes, choclate spread, jam, sugar & cinnamon, fresh fruits

Cousous with veggies

Stir in onions, prepare the cousous and stir in and cook veggies of your choice. Top up  with fresh tomatoes and cucumber and cheese if you like.

You need: cousous, veggies of your choice, cheese (optional)

Eggs & Beans

Use any canned beans of your choice (eg. kidney beans, beans in sauce), prepare the egg of your choice (hard boiled, scrambled, fried), add tomato sauce. Top up with freshly chopped veggies and if available

You need: canned beans, eggs, tomato sauce, veggies & bread (optional)

Sweet waffles

You can buy waffles which last long also in heat, top them up with jam, choclate spread, cinnamon and sugar and fruits if available.

You need: waffles, spreads of your choice, fruits (optional)


Wraps are long lasting and offer a variety of options to fill them! My favourite is the following: use pesto as a base, add fresh tomatoes and cucumber, top with cheese of your choice (parmesan or feta)

You need: Wraps, pesto, fresh veggies, cheese (optional)

Pasta in cream sauce

All you need is pasta and the long lasting cream (milk or plant based). Fry any veggies you might have, if you don’t have any just add concentrated tomato paste in it. (We had them with yummy fresh mushrooms!)

You need:  onion, pasta, cream, concentrated tomato paste (optional), veggies (optional)

What are your favourite dishes when being on the road and camping?

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