Discover Dresden by foot – 5 highlights in a day

Back in the beginning of March my boyfriend and I went to visit Dresden (before this Corona madness really hit hard) and spent a weekend in the city.

We felt like exploring the city by foot since it keeps you active and we didn’t feel like spending money on public transport. Turns out you can explore Dresden perfectly fine like this. Here you find the route the we took passing our 5 highlights.

We started and ended our day at the Frauenkirche which is located at the red pin, we walked to the left first and then passed the river and took the right loop

1. Frauenkirche- Church of our Lady

Well this is a no-brainer, it is the most iconic monument of the city and one of those sights you should definitely do check out. For 8,00€ you can climb up the church and enjoy a view over the city. In my opinion the perfect start into a sightseeing day. The inside and outside architecture of the church are very impressive and worth visiting. Visting the church only is of course free of charge.

2. Zwinger – walking above

We didn’t feel like paying a high entrance fee to see the whole area and museum but rather wanted to take a glance at the whole area and wanted to enjoy the atmosphere. You can walk up some stairs and then you end up on the wall surrounding the Zwinger and you can easily have a look inside and if you feel like it you can go inside and explore some more.

3. Molkerei Gebrüder Pfund – historic dairy shop

Time for a walk! After passing the Zwinger we crossed the river Elbe at the bridge and walked along the green belt, discovering the first signs of spring, until we reached the hight of our next highlight and then we walked back into the city.

The iconic images of the pitorresque dairy shop of the Pfund brothers definitely made my curious. Apparently it was awared the worlds most beautiful dairy shop. It is operating since the 19th century selling dairy and now also regional delicacies. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures inside the shop (I snatched a quick one anyway:P) to not disturb customers and staff since it is a regular shop operating and not a museum. Still, I think it is a beautiful quick stop along the route and one of the highlights.

4. Simultankirche St. Martin

This is definitely my favourite sight! I didn’t expect much, when I resarched it I became curious since the church was built to accomdate two communities at the same time: of protestant and catholic belief. Around 70 of these churches serving this purpose exist in Germany. Unfortunately in this church only the catholic part of the church is run by a community. The church is massive, it feels and looks more like a castel, also there is no asphalt surrounding it but grass trails and trees and bushes give the church the atmosphere of a lost place. Also the outer apperance is not as “new”, some windows are shattered, one part of the church is completely closed so this adds up to the rather “lost place” feeling. Finding this treasure in the middle of the city was my personal highlight. You pass a calm neighbourhood a fancy new office building and suddenly you fall out of place and time.

5. Kunsthofpassage – alternative and colourful quartier

Time for a snack! After all the exploring we became hungry and decided to walk from the church into the colourful and alternative buildings of the Kunsthofpassage. Here you find small little uniqe shops, galleries and cafés. Look out for the little photo gallery at the beginnig of the quartier-here you can see before and after pictures of the place and what the community built here! You can easily spend a few hours shopping for souvenirs, looking at art and of course getting your snacks! We had some amazing hot choclate and cake at the “Schokoladenbar”. The choclate bar definitely sells what they stand for! I had a cake covered in whipped cream served in a bowl of hot chocolate. Yes it is as yummy as it sounds!