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Favourite spots in the Netherlands

Where did the time go?

Time flies! I studied and lived in the lovely Netherlands now for 3 years! Definitely time for a “wrap up” of my personal highlights of this country. I will share with you my favourite spots and activites all around in the Northern Region, and one beach paradise all the way in the South.  Also this blogpost wil be bilingual for the first time I will post in English and in German 🙂

Zwolle- Home for a while

In this town I lived now for three years, I already dedicated a whole blogpost about this small cute town. You can read it here. Two more tips about Zwolle:

  1. If you feel like brining along a local gift you should check the local farmers store: here you can find locally procuded goods from cheese, beer, sausages to nice jam. They also wrap it up in nice presents! It’s just at the beginning of the city center.
  2. If you feel like some live-music in the evening I can recommend to you the little bar “The livingroom”. Almost every week there are local bands and singers performing all sorts of music genres. Entry is always for free 🙂

Dronten- Tulip paradise in April-May!

Ok first things first: the little village itself is dead boring. But you don’t go there for the village but for the infamous FLOWERS! Of course you can also visit the Keukenhof to see some flowers but how about seeing endless fields of tulips for free and where they are cultivated? All you need is a car or bike to get to the area of Dronten. Tuliproute Dronten offers several  suggestions for tours either by foot, bike or car to get the best glimpse of the tulip flowers. Or you do it like my friends and me: Just drive and franatically stop when you see the first fields 😀 and then hunt some more fields! Best time to hunt some tulips: Mid April-Mid May.  This might be interesting for families: the big amusement park “Walibi Holland” is close by!

Utrecht – Amsterdams cool little sister!

Oh Utrecht, my Utrecht! Most definitely my favourite city in the Netherlands! Much cooler and nicer than Amsterdam I think! My favourite way and definitely a huge recommendation on how to explore the city is the “Utrecht lightpath”.  What it is: little lights are installed in the ground and on buildings in the city center.  How it works: You get the map of the installed lights at the tourist center at the big central church or for our technical friends: you can download the map on your phone for free. Then the joy begins: you follwo the map and of course the lights themselves through the city, they will lead you to important buildings (+ their description) or tunnels where they are beautiful light installations (I am not posting pictures you have to go and explore yourself :)) Afterwards you can treat yourself with some great Indian food right next to a canal!

Utrecht Grachten

Harderwijk- Small beach town!

It’s a really cute and picture-perfect little town! It’s located right at the waterside (it used to be ocean now it’s in-land and sweet water. You want to stroll through cute towns and 5 min later enjoy some beach life? All possible in Harderwijk. My tip: Have a sundowner at the beach bar walhalla and wait for s stunning sunset! Also once a year around May the big and free festival “LaLaLand” is taking place!

Zeewolde- beach and camping paradise

This little town can be perfectly combined with before or after visiting Harderwijk, it’s located basically oppsite of it, only divided by sweet water “sea”. There is a long beach area in the town, you can’t miss the signs of it in the small town. Tip: continue all the way, the last bit is a dog-beach part, here your furry friend can swim and play, a dog parcour is just a walk away, also really cool! At the beach there are also facilities to change, take a shower and bathroom facilities. And of course a nice beach restaurant. Also in winter the restaurant is worth a visit: I checked they have a cozy inside area including ovens! If you’d like to stay over, and are up for camping there are two camping sites available in Zeewolde. You can check them here and here. If you feel a bit more adventours you can try some wild camping in the Zeewolde forest like I did recently.

Groede: Vitamin Sea

And of course for all the ocean lovers out there I recommend you to visit Groede. I stayed at this camping place (dogs are welcome) at my visit 2 years ago. I spend my days strolling at the beach with my dog and enjoying sundowners and exploring the small towns. Tip: you want to sleep in one of those amazing houses right at the beach? Contact the camping I linked they also rent those out!

Have you been to any of those places and which ones of your favourite Dutch places did I miss? 🙂 I will for sure missing to live in this country, but new adventures are calling!

“Wherever you go- go with all your heart” <3

Entdecke noch mehr!