Horse trekking in the Austrian mountains

I love (and hate at the same time) the fact that I have friends living all over Europe. In July 2019 it was finally time to visit my dear friend Anika in Innsbruck, Austria where she studies at the moment. I got there on a budget via the Austrian railcompany “Nightjet” it took me around 12 hours from cologne to Innsbruck. I was able to sleep in there, and in the morning it was great to observe the changing landscape from a hilly surrounding to a majestic mountain area. The first day my friend showed me around an we were strolling through the very cute city, taking it all chill since we wanted to rest before our big trip tomorrow. We booked a day-tour of horse-riding in the mountain area around Kühtai, to say that we were excited is underrated. We got to know each other at a stables years ago, so the horses and the love for these animals is a strong connection and bond in our friendship.

“We are off to Mordor”:

We started our day really early, rented a car via drivey which was super easy and convient and then off we went! Well kinda. The higher we drove into the mountains towards the stable the foggier it got. And I mean REALLY foggy! We couldn’t see one meter ahead. When on of the many cows that spend their summers up here, slowly walked out of the fog in front of our car, I was done and dusted alreday 😀 I discussed with my friend that with these weather conditions we are not going anywhere, especially not on a horse. (did I mention that I tend to be dramatic every now and then?:D) When we finally reached the stables we got welcomed by the very friendly owner and guide who was in the best mood as he explained that this day we would get beautiful weather. Well I thought to myself: Impress me! And well I ways BEYOND IMPRESSED. But see for yourself, even the pictures can’t really capture the beauty of this landscape.

I felt like riding to Mordor with the wild and untamed landscape that surrounded us, since we also left paths and let the horses find their own way on the difficult terrain. And then I felt like really riding in New Zealand but also like strolling through Mongolia when riding through the stream.

What life is all about

I just stared at the wild herd of Haflingers that were galopping around our horses and tried to play with us. In awe I observed the mares, their fillys and a few very curious yearlings running around freely the green valley where you could hear a wild stream passing through the landscape, surrounded by the ever beautiful mountains. Being able to see my favourite creatures in this breathtaking landscape moves me to my core and it is one of these moments in life that I try to “freeze” with my heart and eyes to cherish it forever. This moment means so much to me and these are the moments I travel for.

Basically these are the moments I believe we as humans are here living our lifes on earth. To realise that we are part of something bigger, something we can’t always see or comprehend but every now and then we get a glimpse of these feelings of beloning and connection by having experiences in nature or with other humans and animals.

Facts about the tour

When you now also feel like riding this tour (and who knows having similar feelings like me doing it:P) here are some facts around the tour:

Tour organiser: Isi Rider in Kühtai

Duration & Price: There are different options availabe concerning the duration and the level of experience. We did the day-tour for experienced equestrians. In total we rode around 5-6 hours including a break at one of the mountain chalets. We payed 120€ per person.

Horses: Icelandic horses that are extremely well trained and behaved in this mountain terrain. The tour takes place in walking pace only.

How to get there: We go there by renting a car and driving there from Innsbruck. It’s perfect for a daytrip from there! You can also get there by train and bus and ask the owner to fetch you from the clostest bus stop in Kühtai. I always check this website when travelling to get first imformation about public transport.

Tips: Put on sun screen no matter if it’s cloudy or sunny! The sun up in the mountains is really strong and kinda always there. Bring a water bottle and some money if you’d like to eat out at the chalet. (Which I highly recommend, it’s reasonably priced and the food is simply delicious)

And always remeber: Wherever you go – go with all your heart <3