Liebster Award- discover new blogs!

I am super excited that I got nominated for the “Liebster Award” by lovely Laura from Yellowtravelbird! She also loves travelling and already worked on really cool jobs abroad-  so go check out her blog and get inspired! 🙂

The award’s purpose is to promote (small) blogs and get to know them with the help of 11 questions. Kind of like an interview to the person running the blog. It’s always 11 of them and they get designed by the person who nominates you. Then the fun begins: You answer them, design 11 new ones and nominate up to 11 of the blogs that inspire you and that you love 🙂  At the end of my questions my nominees will be announced!

So here are the questions I got asked:

#1 Since when does your blog exist?
 My little blog started in January 2016, so it’s a bit older than a year!

#2 What is the main purpose of your blog?
 My main purpose was to update my family and friends about my travels- basically that I don’t have to tell the same story 1000 times (although I do enjoy doing that as well :P) And I always liked being creative with writing.

#3 What camera do you use for your photos?
It’s actually embarassing: THIS on the left is my camera. It’s old. I would say ancient. It was once lost on a South African beach, almost fell into an Ugandan waterfall- but it’s idiot proof for somebody like me and still serves my purpose. And to the right are some  of the pictures I took with it. Impressive right? 😀

#4 Do you travel solo or with friends/family/partner?
  Mostly I travel with friends or solo. I also love travelling with my dog! Since 2 years I accompany my parents once a year for a week when they go touring around with their campervan- super nice family retreat!

#5 What was your favorite place and why?
 This will always and forever be Cape Town. I lost my heart to this city. Our love story began back in 2010, when I spent 6 months in a host family (now they are like my own!) and I went to school there. Since then I visited it several times. I love foremost the people from there: truly warm hearted and always up for adventures. The city has everything you can wish for: amazing beaches, beautiful mountains to hike, mountainbike or paraglide in. Stunning architecture, a rich and moved past and the most amazing food.

#6 What is your next adventure?
My next adventure will be a 3-week roadtrip through Greece in Summer! The country of my childhood! Finally I return 🙂 Until I was 15 I spent all my summers in a small town in the North of the country with my Yaya (greek for: Grandma) Hopefully I will also visit a good friend of mine in London.

#7 How do you prepare for a trip?
Well, I try to avoid packing until the last minute. I absolutely hate packing 😀 I’m trying not to die from excitment basically. Especially when it’s a far away country my mood swings from:” I love this and I can’t wait, to I am so nervous about all the things that can go wrong!” I also read other people’s blogs and travel books to get inspired. Also a classic: checking my vaccination passport in panic and trying to convince myself that I surely don’t need all the required vaccinations 😀

#8 What is your absolute dream destination?
 Really difficult question. I haven’t been anywhere yet, so  I can only answer this questions when this is the case 😛  I am super greatful for all the places I’ve been able to travel to so far. It’s always a humbling experience-being so young and still being able to travel so much and frequently.

#9 When did you discover your passion for travelling?
 It started quite early: as mentioned every summer I spent in Greece. So for me it was normal to be somewhere else, being exposed to another culture on a regular basis. At home I was raised by different Au-pair girls from all over the world- having different cultures at home. I think I got really hooked with 17 when I returned from South Africa. Once you have been away for a bit longer you realise how big the world is. Since then I loved travelling and being somewhere else even more. For my study I moved to the Netherlands which gave me the chance to live in another country for a while again.

#10 What is the best thing about travelling?
The people you meet and the crazy days and nights you spend with them. For me travelling is all about the people.  The people who turn into friends and that you share this special bond with. I met one of my now closest friends “on the road”.  And of course the nature that never stops to amaze me.

#11 How often do you travel?
 I try to do it as often as I can, and how my wallet allows me to 😀 At least 1-3 time per year. Within the Netherlands and Germany I travel regularly as I have friends and family living there all over.

I nominate:

Mistakesandadventuresblog– James, an Australian twenty-something shares his authentic and often funny insights into his adventures.

NIMSAJ- Jasmin is a German-Thai-Polish Travel girl, eager to explore every bit of the planet in her own unique hippie way.

HuiHai Stories–  A Romanian couple, Anita & Geo that travelled a lot through Europe and are ready to discover the rest of the world, they hit Asia soon!

And here are your questions:

I’m looking forward to read your answers and discover the blogs you’ll nominate 🙂

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Describe your last trip in three words!
  3. What was the most amazing thing that happened to you when you travelled?
  4. What do you do when you are not travelling?
  5. What is your favourite place and why?
  6. What kind of traveler are you? (Camper, backpacker, hiker etc.)
  7. What do you always take with you when you travel? (3 items :P)
  8. What is in your opinion an underestimated travel destination?
  9. Did travelling change you and if so how?
  10. Where does your next trip take you?
  11. What is your most valuable tip for fellow travel bloggers?

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