Lost place in Hamburg: factory ruins at Besenhorster Sandberge

Since C. is still around we are all looking for new routes for our favourite activity: taking a walk! If you are into forests walks, some beach feelings and discovering lost places- look no further I got you covered!

Abandonend factory ruins in the forest

The old and abandonend factory used to produce gunpowder during the second world war. You can find bits and pieces of the whole factory building covered in trees and bushes. Since the end of second world war the factory closed and destroyed most of the buildings themselves. Nature is taking over ever since. The whole area is located in a forest in the middle of it, you can discover a large sand dune. Definitely take a look at the information given at the biggest abandoned ruins, during the second world war not only staff was working there but also people were forced to work here- the information elaborates further about the history of the whole factory. The forest and surroundings are now a natural reserve.

Why you should visit

First of all: Aren’t we all super tired of taking the same walks since one year of the pandemic? This walk is just outside of Hamburg and definitely a small micro-adventure! When I was taking a walk in spring time, I definitely felt a different kind of atmosphere. It’s kind of surreal walking in this forest and every now and then you can discover old lights, fences and buildings along the path. It got even more weird when all of a sudden I was on top of a sand dune in the middle of the forest! So several highlights await you that can be discovered and explored. Also it’s an important landmark of historical events and legacy that happend in Germany, especially during times of second world war regime.

How to get there

If you take the car you can park close to the forest. For example either at the Borghoster Hauptdeich or the area around Heuweg. The closest bus station is “Altengammer Marschbahndamm”. The route is part of the HVV service line, from main station Hamburg it takes you around one hour.

What are your favourite lost places close to your home to discover?

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Lost place in Hamburg: if you are into forests walks, some beach feelings and discovering old abandoned buildings- look no further I got you covered!

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