The travel pictures I never share

The travel pictures you never  get to see

Today I proudly present to you my compilation of travel moments I would never share- up to today! When I read that Jessica from Yummy Travel is calling for bloggers to submit their honest travel pictures, I was all in! Of course I love sharing the beautiful landscapes, animals and breathtaking sunsets in the countries I (hopefully) experience especially in times of social media where everyone appears to live a “flawless” life.

But what about all those other moments? The pictures of your sweaty face after this hike which felt like 1547621 hours. At least. The pictures other people take of you in the background the beautiful sight- except your head is not on it, nor are your feet. The countless pictures where you wonder how on earth people where still talking to you in this “travel outfit”. The moments are diverse where you also capture the “not so glamorous” side of travelling. But those moments also deserve to be acknowledged-they are honest and authentic, and most of the time they either make you think or laugh. Both things that probably portray the highlights and “low”lights of your trip. Let me know if you found yourself in any of those 😛


So here we go, my honest travel moments in 12 pictures:

Category: Posing gone wrong

Category: Glad I did not buy this

Category: Looking stupid with animals

Category:  Obligatory groupphoto fail

Category: My face partying without me

Category: People say my face is an open book…

Catgeory: Travelling in style

And always remember: “Wherever you go- go with all your heart”, how you look while doing so is least important! <3


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