What I have learned in Budapest

I am pleased to join my first Blog parade “Choices of life”. It´s about the description of my best travel experience. Of course, you will experience wonderful things during your travels, but I will share an experience from summer 2013 in Budapest.

If your body says „NO”

I travelled with a good friend through parts of Eastern Europe on our first Backpacker tour (shout out to the marvellous Lani <3). We spent all night long on a party island in the Danube and intended to travel directly to the Lake Balaton, since our Hostel in Budapest, well, has not inspired confidence 😀. Therefore, we shouldered our backpacks and wanted to go to the central station.

We underestimated the rest of our physical needs. Without sleep and breakfast at nearly felt 40 degrees in the shade, it is not so comfortable to travel 😀. All at once, Lani felt dizzy and sick, just in time I could manage to place her on a bench! Ok fainting spell! Thankfully Lani is a walking pharmacy, and knows exactly what to do in case of sickness, in contrast to me.

The city awakes veeery slowly

As soon as possible I had to get some sweet and fatty something to eat. It was 8 o´clock in the morning, but if you think it was easy to get something to eat in this town you are wrong. It was clear that the chocolate machine ate 2 of my coins, WITHOUT spitting a bar out. The restaurants only just opened and were busy to build up.

Foreign rescue

I ran through the streets in panic, hardly someone was on the way, the shops still closed, but I knew I had to get something to eat not to mention to worry about my weakened friend being alone at Budapest with two backpacks. I saw a young woman, maybe a little bit older than me. I asked her, if she perhaps had something to eat for my friend or if she would know a shop where I could buy some food. Just consider: I didn´t had a shower and was completely wrecked in my pragmatic backpacker-style. I was not surprised, when she said no. I further ran down the street trying to find some people. All at once, a young lady called me to stop and wait: she ran to me and handed me a Tupperware box:

“Please take my lunch, I made it myself. I would wish that someone would  help me in your situation as well”

I was close to tears, overjoyed and gave my foreign rescuer a hug. I ran back to my friend Lani, and the food helped her to get back on her feet quickly.

This example seems to be small, colourless in comparison to stories about hiking through the jungle or a sunrise after a party in a metropolis. This small experience made me feel humble and had shown me there is still hope! There are so many good people out there in this world who are willing to help.

Please remember you stand a chance every day, to make it sunnier, more beautiful, and in our case healthier for your fellow human beings.

Unless we hadn´t had swooned, we made some great other adventures.

Unless we hadn´t had swooned, we made some great other adventures.

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